Every week from Tuesday through Sunday the Petone Club has a huge assortment of raffles available to its members and guests. Meat packs, cash raffles, Lotto and Big Wednesday are some of our regular favourites.

Variety is the spice of life at the raffle desk and the Petone Club has a healthy array of seasonal and large scale raffles to tempt you. Bluff oysters, Easter eggs, back to school packs, signed sport jerseys, large trailer raffles and exotic trips away are all on offer throughout the year at the Petone Club.

Come and meet our fantastic raffle staff and ask what’s on offer today from 3.30pm every Tuesday through Sunday at the Raffle desk.

Raffle results are written on the results board beside the raffle desk and can be claimed from reception. If you don’t claim your prize on the night you have 1 month to make your claim. The 1 month grace period is subject to change depending on the content of the raffle. See the team at the raffles desk for more information.