In a game of darts each player throws three darts at a dart board, which has marked areas worth different numbers of points. The game probably arrived in New Zealand in the late 1800s, and was played mainly in pubs or workingmen’s clubs and at fairs. At that time it wasn’t considered a serious sport. In the 1930s a darts craze spread from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, and it became a game played by all classes, by both men and women, and in a variety of settings. In the 2000s it is still played recreationally in pubs and clubs, but is also an organised sport with competitive tournaments.

The Petone Working Men’s Club has 20+ dart boards spread throughout the building. There are 4 dart boards beside the pool tables available for members and guests to play. The other dart boards are spread throughout the buildings various function rooms. When booking a function room esquire about dart board usage.