The Petone Working Men’s Club and Literary Institute was formed in 1887, over 125 years ago and has a long standing history in Petone. Leased in 1887, the Peels building on Jackson Street became the Club’s first premises for a period of three years before the club expanded into the Priests building in 1890. By the time the Combers Property was purchased in 1896 the club had built an impressive membership and had been granted a prestigious Queens Charter.

Peel’s Building 1887-1890 Priests Building 1890-1896
Peels-Building Priests-Building

The Old Club 1927-1977

With an ever expanding membership and demands for a more modern facility the club was demolished in 1927 to make way for a new building on the same site. This new building became commonly known to members as the “Old Club” and served as the main club facilities for 50 years. In 1977 it was decided that the club once again needed a major upgrade.


Current Premises, Udy St 1977 – Current

On the 6th of August 1977 the doors were opened at Udy Street, the current location of the club. After extensive additions including a new restaurant and games room the Petone Working Men’s Club and Literary Institute now boasts a 13,000+ membership and high quality facilities.