Special General Meeting – 29th February 2016

Special General Meeting – 29th February 2016

In accordance with Rule 15 (a):

The President shall call a Special General Meeting of the Club as soon as practicable after receiving a resolution of the Executive, or requisition signed by not less than Five percent of financial members of at least six (6) months standing, stating the purpose for which such Special General Meeting is desired.

I, President Jim Hogg, having received instruction from the Members in attendance at the 2014 AGM, hereby notify all financial Members of the Petone Working Men’s Club & Literary Institute that:

  • A Special General Meeting is to be held in the Kensington Restaurant on Monday February 29th 2016 from 6:30PM.

The Agenda shall be

  1. To discuss the proposed Rule Book Changes as instructed by the members in attendance at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

Excerpt from the 2014 AGM minutes as ratified by through the 2015 AGM:

10.6 Working Party – Mr Collins read the proposed motion to the meeting regarding the formation of a working party.
MOVED: Stu Robb/SECONDED: Sharon Robinson

THAT a working party called the Rules Committee be created for the purposes of rewriting and updating the Club rules, AND

THAT a notice be placed on the notice board for 14 days from 1 October inviting volunteers for the working party, AND inviting members to list issues they would like addressed by the working party AND

the Executive shall select 10 people from the volunteers to form the working party AND

the working party must consult Management to ensure any rule changes would work operationally AND

take the appropriate advice as to wording and legislative compliance AND

report back to members at the 2015 AGM.

The motion was put and CARRIED.

Yours faithfully,
Jim Hogg.
Petone Workingmen’s Club.