Funday Monday

Funday Monday

Every monday we have a group of ladies come down to the club to participate in indoor bowls. They have a great time playing the game and socialising and one of them wrote this poem to describe the fun times they have.

It’s great too see that they are having such a fantastic time.

Funday Monday

Monday afternoons are fun,
To indoor bowls the ladies come.
Some are tall, some short, and some quite old.
All playing for a mini cup of gold.

Teams are sorted – it’s no lucky dip,
Betty and Di decide who’ll be skip.
We all take a turn, like it or not.
But no-one complains, they’re a happy lot.

Raucous laughter is heard on high,
It’s either Virginia, or “Lady Di!”
A jolly good laugh does us all good,
And the bowls still get to where they should!

Laughter’s a tonic that we need every day,
Sometimes a good laugh helps send cares away.
Everyone needs one now and then,
So, come on girls, let’s hear you again.

A biscuit, a coffee, or a Dilmah tea,
Is a half-time reviver for the ladies and me.
You may see now why Mondays are fun,
Even though we’re all tired when the session is done!

Skips get a cup for their teams highest score,
Then it’s “cheerio ladies” and we head for the door.
Thanks for another congenial afternoon,
And a smile for the losers with their big wooden spoon!